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Eat Stop Eat Review
The Easiest Way To Lose Weight With Intermittent Fasting
Quick Weight Loss Strategy by Brad Pilon

Eat Stop Eat review. If you’ve been looking around for a decent review of Eat Stop Eat, I know how you feel. Does it work? Does it help reduce fat? Is it a quality program by a knowledgeable trainer/nutritionist? You might be wondering whether Eat Stop Eat is the best current program on fat loss, or whether it’s working right now. Bear with me.

Eat Stop Eat by Brad Pilon is simplicity coupled with effectiveness. It is a simple and flexible strategy to lose fat but not muscle without mathematician meal plans and time wasting calculations. It has not so much to do with traditional diet methods or meal planning, rather with an intermittent fasting strategy. Brad Pilon is a lifetime athlete who always had in mind a method to keep body fat on track, naturally increasing hormones without losing lean muscle (or even adding it).

He also happens to be a Doctor with a scientific background who has worked for mainstream fitness magazines and the health supplements industry, traveling the world and having the privilege to use state of the art testing equipment to further his studies and findings in weight loss while training for lean muscle, either to keep it or even increase it. His wealth of experience places Brad Pilon is in a unique position to understand what the body needs, how it functions and what really works for losing fat and keeping it lean and trim.

He discovered that rather than planning a traditional diet with set calories and food composition, a strategy of short periods of fasting followed by normal “eating days” would yield far better results in terms of hormonal balance, fat loss and lean muscle (or even muscle gain) without all the headaches and restrictions of classic diet fads we are used to.

It is a rather bizarre yet eye opening idea to consider fasting, especially if you worry about metabolism slow down and muscle loss. However, what Brad Pilon is talking about is not continuous fasting to starvation, which would result in metabolism slow down, muscle depletion and fat retention or increase, rather of short 24 hour period of fasting once or twice a week at most.

This strategy is supported by research and scientific evidence that Brad provides as reference in the latter part of his Eat Stop Eat program. Apparently this strategy, far from being harmful, is actually beneficial because it mimics the natural lifestyle and “workouts “our ancestors used to do every day just to survive.

Back then, food was not readily available as it is today and our forefathers' bodies were adjusted to a pattern of abundance from a prey or catch followed by a brief period of “food layoff”. Far from becoming depleted and exhausted from a day of fasting, our ancestors were in fact most active and strong during the hunting phase, just like any predator.

Intermittent Fasting Diet For A Healthy Weight Loss
The Ancestors' Way To a Lean, Athletic Body

Apparently, during these brief fasting periods the metabolism does not have time to slow down, as it would in prolonged fasting and starvation periods. What happens instead is that all calories needed for that short period for living and survival are converted from, guess what, your own body fat storage, converted into FFA (free fatty acids) and released into the blood stream to provide energy.
Therefore, brief fasting periods repeated regularly do NOT slow metabolism down, forcing the body to use its own fat reserves. Not only that, according to Brad it is very possible to workout exactly during the fasting days for better results, burning up the glycogen stored in the muscles.

Muscles need to be stimulated either to keep or gain mass anyway, the “eat food days” provide plenty of opportunity for the muscles to replenish from the workouts. However, knowing the supplement industry inside out, Brad Pilon does Not recommend gulping down the protein shake blobs that they would like you to believe you need to build mass, should you want to gain lean muscle.
No need for monster 250 grams a day protein shake blobs as advocated by muscle mags, rather a much more modest 70 to 120 grams from natural sources.

According to Brad, there is no need to obsess over food and meal planning, no need to spend hours to figure out calories in and out. You can eat just about anything, a normal healthy diet with the occasional treat. What makes us over weight is the ready availability of food we have acquired recently.

Diet fads also mimic that, by relying on a ready made supply of food to be administered regularly throughout the day in small, restricted meals. While this does work, it is unnecessarily complicated and unpractical. The Eat Stop Eat diet makes a clean swipe of this complications by tackling the problem outside the box, exploiting the natural response of our bodies to brief fasting in order to burn the fat from our fat storage while metabolism is still high.

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Eat Stop Eat PDF - What's In It?
Is It A Quality Program?

The Eat Stop Eat fat loss program by Brad Pilon is a no-nonsense 200 page PDF format eBook readily downloadable. The program does NOT offer the usual extra free perks you usually find in these kind of products to entice you, deliberately so. The reason behind this is that the author believes the product is already as good as it gets as it is, so you do NOT need any additional extra, useless perks. According to him, everything you need is in the main PDF.

Here is what you get in this new, improved edition:

A 200 page Pdf manual, of which about 25 pages are of references to scientific data and evidence. The program is easy to read and down to the point.

The pros:

1) Easy to read
2) Very flexible: it does not forbid or encourage any particular food.
3) Democratic: it does not pretend to be the only working weight loss system in the world, but it stresses that it is probably the best and for sure the simplest and most flexible.
4) Fully comprehensive: Eat Stop Eat is not just about fat loss but also working out and lean muscle mass, and generally a healthy life style.
5)  You can actually build muscle while fasting and losing fat.

The cons:

The introduction on Brad's credentials is a bit too long, it could be easily be cut to half or less.

Benefits and Features of Eat Stop Eat:

1) No need to worry about food cycling and meal planning, the program is super simple and minimalist.
2) Metabolism stays high during the brief 24h fasting periods, causing fat loss.
3) Testosterone also stays high and in fact it gets even higher, hence the ability to workout in the fasting days and even gain muscle.
4) More time and flexibility for social life.
5) No need for excessive and expensive consumption of useless protein shakes.
6) No need to eat unusual “healthy foods” or supplements.
7) No need to avoid carbs.
8) Because it is based on brief, intermittent fasting, you can follow any diet you like.
9) More energy and less dependency on readily available food.

Eat Stop Eat is a not just a fat loss program, but an overall health program to fat loss, muscle gain, and better life style that achieves its targets with a unique and minimalist approach. It is NOT a diet program, you can follow any diet you want, paleo or whatever. It is a fasting program to healthy high metabolism and naturally high testosterone which in turns leads to fat loss and muscle gain. Anyone can follow the principles outlined by Brad, regardless of training, the result is always fat loss by brief fasting.

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Eat Stop Eat Results
Is It The Best Program For Fat Loss?

Does Eat Stop Eat really work? Does it help you lose fat? Eat Stop Eat has helped scores of people achieve a lean, low fat physique without the need of NASA-like calorie counting or master degree meal plans. The period of fasting (one day) actually triggers an increase in growth hormone and testosterone, while keeping insulin levels low and cortisol levels balanced. These positive effects on hormones coupled with the reduction in calories triggers the body in fat burning mode while leaving the muscles untouched.

This makes also sense if you look at our ancestors' lifestyle. Make no mistake though, Prad Pilon goes beyond mere observation and backs everything up with scientific references. As far as effectiveness is concerned, the program boasts an impressive catalogue of satisfied testimonials and we could not find any negative report.

 Eat Stop Eat Reviews From Users

When I work out, I don't feel weak or drained. My energy level and strength has not decreased and my workouts are just as good if not better than before (I can now do wide grip pull ups).

"Eat Stop Eat" helped me to throw out my bad habits and my addiction to eating and over eating, and adopt a real balanced diet I never thought I would be able to do.

Thanks for all of the work and insight

Chad Fenwick,
PhD (Candidate)

I purchased ESE last April and I saw incredible results and I was close to my goal of a 6 pack by mid May.

I really feel like Eat Stop Eat is something that I will do for the rest of my life. Since I have a family history of Diabetes I feel like that it might give me some protection against that.

Scott Smith

I really want to thank you for writing "Eat stop Eat". The content has helped me to live an active and healthy life without it taking my time and energy. Once I got into ESE, I stopped searching for more diets, workout plans etc. I've found what I searched for; an easy and healthy lifestyle which I know I can follow the rest of my life. Thank you so much.

Yours sincerely,
Claus Aschou.

The approach behind Eat Stop Eat is tackling the issue of body fat, muscle, metabolism, diet and healthy lifestyle is one roll with the super simple, yet highly effective method of brief, intermittent fasting (coupled or not with training). Backed by scientific research and references, Brad Pilon system mimics what our ancestors were already doing not so long ago, without knowing a thing of diets, meal planning, exercise, muscles, fat, testosterone and hormones.

Physiology has not changed much over the last few thousand years. Eat Stop Eat breaks the vicious cycle of dependency on readily available food to return the body to the original pristine patterns of fasting, eating and exercising that had our ancestors lean and athletic without a care of calories and meal planning.

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